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截屏2021-09-25 上午11.50_edited.jpg

reproduction worship

​In primitive societies with less advanced technology and poor understanding, there is fear and apprehension of small things commonplace in modern society. To integrate into the social community and symbolic order through the physical gap (symbols). Just like the sudden birth of a new life, so the ancients sacrificed plants and animals with powerful fertility as sacrifices and simplified them into pictograms to give human beings strong fertility, i.e. to suppress terror with holy - high latitude terror.


Processing.  Finished in 2021.


2022 3rd SETA Festival “Mitologie Digitali” 

Saletta Campolmi, Prato, Italy

Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum, Taizhou, China

截屏2021-09-25 上午11.50_edited.jpg
截屏2021-09-25 上午11.50_edited.jpg
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