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Through erotism having the character of negation of one's own animal nature (anti-reproductive) under which one gradually achieves the pursuit of one's self-esteem (sanctity), i.e. physical erotism, spiritual erotism to sacred erotism embodied in the three elements of LIFE SEX DEATH, from the pleasure of spasms of sexual orgasm in the process of reproduction to the orgasm produced by the ultimate spasm at the point of death, sex becomes the necessary element connecting life and death to reach sanctity.


Stylegan2, Touch Designer, 3D print, Installation, Performance Art. Finished in 2022.


Insectivorous plants have a dual characteristics: predator subject (DEATH-comsumer) plant object (LIFE-producer), spasm of the plant body during feeding (SEX) blurs the boundary between subject-object, life-death.

Stylegan2 Outcome

12-30 July 2023 CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea

Touch Designer Outcome

Installation Outcome

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