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​utopia of reality

 Start with two manifestos under Chinese patriarchy society, which one is created by AI, another one is created by Zifan Wang, I use phallic and vaginal fruits and vegetables to generate AI painting(by Midjourney), which show the fusion between genders, as glitches to show the utopia society. But in photos, I show conflicts between genders. What's more, when I identified as a man to enact as a woman, experiencing the womens' fights and objectifications, is that a pseudo-feminist way? Or in other words, how can we achieve gender equality?


Midjourney, Photograph, Performance Art.  Finished in 2022.


13-22 Jan 2023 The Holy Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

9 Feb - 4 Mar 2023 PH21Photography Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

5-15 Apr 2023 LossenArt Gallery, Rome, Italy

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